School News

Welcome Back! See you on Tuesday, September 5th!

We are looking forward to our time together this school year!

For the first week, Grades 1 – 7 students are to return to their last year’s classroom. Students will enter through classroom outside doors.

PAC Meet & Greet –  parents and caregivers, come join us for a coffee, tea and snack outside the main entrance on Tuesday, September 5th.

Welcome to Kindergarten:  Tuesday, September 5th 10:15 am – 11:15 am  (please meet at the oustide doors of classrooms 2 & 3)

All NEW students, please proceed to the GYM on the first day through the main entrance doors.

Tuesday, September 5th: Warning bell 8:50 am, Bell 8:55 am , dismissal at 10:00 am for grades 1 to 7

Wednesday, September 6th  to Friday, September 8th: dismissal at 3:00. Please bring snacks, lunch and basic supplies