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COVID Precautions

In order to keep the integrity of our learning groups intact and see the benefits of a staggered school start and end time, we ask that all students and parents leave the school grounds as soon as possible after pick up.  Students waiting for younger siblings may wait in the area behind the bike rack or behind the fence in the same area as the Wishing Tree. 
Unfortunately this means that students and families will not have access to the playground or gravel field after school for the time being.  School Covid exposures have happened at the secondary and elementary school levels in our District and we need to continue to do what we can to help reduce the risk of infection for Suncrest students, staff and families.  
We also ask that adults continue to be masked and/or distanced while waiting at drop off and pick up times and remain diligent about wearing masks when speaking with staff or being near children other than their own.
As Dr. Bonnie Henry has said “This is not forever, but it is for now.”   We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.