Principal’s Message

As principal of Suncrest Elementary, it is my great pleasure to work with teachers and parents dedicated to developing the potential of each of our students.  Ours is a welcoming community rich in opportunities.  In addition to excellent classroom programs, we offer students a strong athletic tradition, an in-depth and inspiring music curriculum, a chess club and many avenues in which students can provide service.   At Suncrest we encourage students to serve not only within the school but to help others beyond the school walls.

Parents are a vital part of the school community.  We invite you to take an active role in your child’s education.  Our Primary teachers appreciate classroom volunteers who assist with reading programs each week and parents with coaching experience contribute to our extra-curricular athletics.  We have an active and vibrant Parent Advisory Council (PAC) which welcomes all parents to monthly meetings and to committee work.  Most importantly, our teachers have open and frequent communication with the parents of their students, seeking to keep the partnership strong.

At Suncrest we are committed to providing a strong academic program for all students.  Our School Plan is in transition as we determine specific goals in the area of Social-emotional Learning. You may wish to visit for information about social-emotional learning.

Please visit our website often and be sure to check the Upcoming Events.  I invite you to contact me by phone or email with any questions or concerns that may arise during the school year.

Thank-you for your partnership in your children’s education at our wonderful school!

Ms. Lori Driussi